Monday, September 9, 2013

Floor Stripping Pads

Floor stripping today is revolutionized by some newer and far more aggressive floor pads to help remove even the toughest of buildups.  Why strip with a traditional black pad when there are so many newbies to hit the scene?  Use a great water based floor stripper loaded with active content like our VIKING TERMINATOR in conjunction with one of these pads and you will wonder what took you so long to try something new!

I always recommend the product that I find works the best right out of the gate.  In this case that would be the DOMINATOR floor pad. This pad should be used in the toughest of situations because it WILL perform the best.   This pad boasts an extra heavy denier fiber, more aggressive grit and more open weave to allow a nice holding spot for all the debris removal that will happen.  This pad is designed to be used up 350 RPM buffers and is made of 100% recycled polyester fiber for those who are earth conscious.  Using this floor pad can even get you a few LEED points due to its recycled content!


Moving on to a slightly less aggressive pad is the HI PRODUCTIVITY black pad.  This pad gets points for a great open weave design, giving plenty of room to hold plenty of old finish.  The construction is slightly less aggressive than our friend DOMINATOR, but still can handle a tough job in a super economical way.  HI PRODUCTIVITY black pads are designed to be used with machines up to 350 RPMs.

Remember folks, all pads can be laundered or rinsed to get more life out of them.  This will not only save the environment of unnecessary waste, but save you money too!  Just swirl in a bucket of stripping solution to remove the debris that your pad effectively collected.  Allow to air dry until your next stripping adventure…….

Capt. Paddy Pad, strikes again!!!

Until next time, folks….don’t let the stripper make you the slipper!
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