Thursday, May 28, 2015

Finally.... An Environmentally Friendly Disinfectant

VIKING CHEMICALS is proud to introduce HDOX, a new cleaning agent that provides a safe, simple, and cost effective solution to eliminate 95% of the chemicals currently in your custodial closet!


 HDOX is one concentrated product, mixed at only two dilution rates that will clean virtually your whole facility while providing Disinfecting, Sanitizing, Virucide, and Fungicide claims.  This product performs excellent as a primary cleaner on most surfaces, so you will be confident using it to attack almost all of your cleaning tasks. 

HDOX is a hydrogen peroxide based product which contains No Asthmagens, No Alcohols, No Ammonia, No Quats and No VOC's, and is registered with the EPA under# 84198-1 to Kill MRSA, CA-MRSA and Influenza Type A. It is automatically diluted through a wall mounted or portable, on-the-go proportioning system to prevent over-mixing and waste. You will have less product in your facility, less room for error and a cleaner facility since hydrogen peroxide is a residue free cleaner.

Even if you have seen or tried Hydrogen peroxide cleaners in the past, I invite you to learn more about our HDOX.  It is one of only a few products that are actually Hydrogen peroxide based with substantial kill claims to include MRSA and Influenza while not harming the integrity of impervious surfaces…..

Talk to one of our skilled professionals today to find out how you can get a trial going at your facility….
Call 410-525-2100 and ask for a sales representative.  You may also order this product on our website by clicking here