Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter Carpet Care

It is very important during the cold weather months to protect your carpets and hard floors from ice melt, dirt, and moisture, as the snow falls and melts around us.  Carpets and hard floors should be cleaned more often during the winter, so they may maintain a longer life. 
A winter carpet maintenance program should include: 
·       Vacuuming (daily)
·       Removal of spillage (daily)
·       Interim maintenance (carpet bonnet or brush using a rotary machine)
·       Overall cleaning (water extraction)
The frequency depends on the amount of traffic that the carpet is subjected, and the required appearance of the carpet, but in the winter the frequencies should be increased. 
Make sure matting is adequately placed at all entrances and staged from outside a vestibule, to inside a lobby.  This will help capture and hold dirt and moisture so that it can be properly removed and vacuumed at the end of a shift.  You should select matting with heavy face weight and thick rubber backing, so that the mat will capture as much debris as possible while staying properly in its place.  
Winter will be upon us for quite some time, but hopefully these tips will keep your carpets looking sparkling clean like a bright summer day!