Thursday, December 19, 2013


As we find ourselves in the beginning of the wintry time of year… snow, sleet and debris are bracing to wreak havoc on our tiled floors, carpets and entry ways.  Never fear however, because there are some things that you can do right now to make that clean up much easier.


Let’s start with matting. 

Place entrance mats in stages to wipe and swipe as much dirt as possible off of those shoes and boots.  By staging the matting from outside to inside, you stand the greatest chance of collecting as much water, snow melt and grime as possible. 

Those mats should be vacuumed daily and cleaned weekly or bi-monthly depending on the traffic.  We want to keep the mats in as good a shape as possible to keep them in tip top order to absorb as much as possible.  This will keep your overall clean up to a minimum.


Some debris, despite your matting efforts will still get by the trusty mats.  Don’t worry clean up is not as difficult as you might think… if you use the correct tools.  Let’s start by getting a neutral aggressive cleaner.  What is this you ask???? Well it is a traditional neutral cleaner that is a tad more aggressive in pH to give that salt and ice melt a run for the money!  The added pH with the surfactants within the cleaner don’t give ice met residue a chance.  You will be able to eliminate the white residue if you carefully select your cleaner.  A good janitorial supply company will be able to help you with this quest.  At VIKING, we offer VIKING AP Cleaner to handle this task effortlessly with a little pleasant scent to linger behind.


Suppose you aren’t having problems with tile at all.  Suppose all of your problems revolve around a carpeted area that has acted like a sponge to all this outside slop.  What do you do???? 

First off, extract what you can right away with a good quality commercial carpet extractor.  Next we need to clean and sanitize the area.  There are very few carpet shampoos that carry any type of sanitizing credentials.  I like Dual carpet shampoo for a couple of reasons.  In addition to DUAL being a certified sanitizer for carpets, it has a great smell and cleans great too!  Double bonus….One product for all of the problems!  Allow carpets to fully dry prior to foot traffic which will jeopardize all of your hard work.  


To speed the drying process up, there are a variety of floor fans that can be placed to get that air moving.  Some fans are as reasonably priced and easy to
carry.  We offer a new mini fan that packs a big punch for a little unit.  You get great air flow in a tiny lightweight yet durable mini mover.  It has a built in daisy chain feature that means you can plug them into each other and string them along if you have a larger area or feel you need more air flow.    Oh and did I mention the price is right too…..Only $109.00 per fan! 


If you stick to these helpful hints, add the right cleaner and be a little proactive, your ice and snow clean up will be a breeze.  More info on these products can be seen at


Happy Wintertime Cleaning J